5 Items Of Clothes Every Man Should Own

I’ve spent most of my 30+ years alive fully dressed, so I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about clothes.

I don’t know if I’m a dedicated follower of fashion, a fashionista or a style icon but somewhere behind that awesome looking facade is a man. In my opinion, if you’re a man, you need to own these items of clothes.

1. T-Shirt



I bloody love t-shirts. They cover up most of your torso and some of your arms so they’re very practical, and they come in loads of colours so they can be really fashionable. Every bloke worth their salt has one or more of these. Classic.

2. Shoes



Every bloke will have seen Die Hard and remember that bit where Hans goes “shoot the glass” and then the long haired blonde guy shoots the glass and then John McClane has to walk around getting his feet all cut on broken glass. Shoes are bang-on essential.

3. Trousers



I used to wear trousers when I was younger, still wear them today. Love the way they keep your legs in, all cosy. Also, an essential part of any bloke’s relationship. How are you supposed to be the one who wears the trousers if you haven’t got any trousers? You can’t, that’s just a fact.

4. Socks



Brilliant as shoes are ( see above ), I find they’re not the same without socks. Every decent bloke will want to own at least a couple of pairs of these suckers. I remember once I was in someone’s house and they had laminate flooring and I couldn’t wear my shoes indoors and I didn’t have socks so my feet were well cold. Brrr. Shoulda had socks.

5. Pants



If you haven’t tried pants before, you’re proper missing out. This is basic blokewear. Love the way they keep you tucked in and stop you flapping around like a bullwhip. My advice: invest in at least one decent pair. Last thing any bloke needs when stripping for action is to have “crap pants stop play” if you know what I mean I’m talking about sex.


5 thoughts on “5 Items Of Clothes Every Man Should Own

  1. cant believe this fukcin idiot hsnt includd JUPMERS. How can yu be a MAN iwhtout a JUMPER?n ALl the sxy women want a to press thmselves up to a mans umper. L is LOSER yuo loser. fuxache

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